Neck Pouch

The premium neck pouch with 3 practical pockets and secret compartment
  • #1 TOP QUALITY NECK POUCH WITH RFID BLOCKER, 2 LARGE POCKETS, 2 SMALL POCKETS & INSIDE POCKETS FOR TRAVEL AND OUT AND ABOUT – Best brand quality and functionality: protect your valuables when you are travelling or out and about with the best breast pocket on the market. High quality, durable and functional for maximum comfort and security when worn.
  • 1 MAIN POCKET, 2 SIDE POCKETS WITH CARD INSERTION & 1 LARGE SECRET POCKET IN THE BACK – Whether passport, ID-card, boarding-pass, credit card, money or iPhone: the large compartment including a separator element provides ample space for all your documents and even large smartphones. The 2 lateral zippers with 2 credit card slots ensure a safe sorage for your credit- and ID-cards. The large secret compartment on the back ensures maximum security and flexibility.
  • EXTRA PROTECTION WITH RFID BLOCKER + ADJUSTABLE NECKLACE – The thin, integrated RFID protective foil keeps makes your breast pocket a real “body-safe” and guarantees that your credit card and ID data are safe from theft and cannot be inadvertently read. The strap is easy to adjust to any lenght and again provides an additional safety for your documents.
  • SUPER FLAT, CLOSE-FITTING, WATER-RESISTANT – Due to its flat design, our neck pouch can be worn completely hidden underneath the clothing and is optimally adapted to the body thanks to the soft, breathable mesh back – without sweating or skin irritation. The coated outer side is also water-resistant and protects your valuables from moisture and sweat.

Wilford & Sons

your reliable partner for travelling and on the way

1 extra-large compartment, 2 side compartments with card slots and 1 hidden secret compartment on the back side

Keep your documents in order – the extra-large, split main compartment and two zippered side pockets with 3 smart credit card slots offer plenty of room for all your valuables and documents:

  • Passport
  • Travel documents
  • Documents and copies
  • Boarding pass
  • Smartphone
  • Money
  • ID cards
  • Carfs
  • And much more

The large secret compartment on the back provides maximum security and flexibility.

Protect your valuables from data theft and long fingers

The thin, integrated RFID protection film makes your breast bag a real body safe and guarantees that your credit card and ID card data are theft-proof and cannot be read out unintentionally.
Thanks to the always visible ID pocket on the front of the bag you always have your most important ID card at hand and you can always identify yourself quickly.

Super flat design, so that your pouch doesn’t become a burden and you can concentrate on the essentials when travelling. Tight-fitting and comfortable on the skin, so that you – and especially others – won’t even notice that you are carrying a neck bag. Water-repellent, for a safe protection of all your valuables against moisture and sweat.

Breathable and padded mesh back with secret compartment

Thanks to the special, skin-friendly material, the padded mesh back is perfectly adapted to the body and also breathable, making it comfortable to wear even directly on the skin. The hidden secret compartment behind it is perfect for passport or boarding cards.

All benefits at a glance:

  • 1 large, divided main pocket
  • 2 zippered side pockets with 3 card slots
  • 1 large secret compartment on the back side
  • Practical ID pocket on the front side
  • RFID blocker for maximum security
  • Breathable padded mesh backside
  • Super flat, close-fitting, water-repellent
  • Functional, high quality, safe and secure